Why Professional Services?

Professional Services, Residential & Marine, LLC. has built a reputation around The Lake as a no nonsense kind of Property Management Company. When PS says something will get done, you can count on us to accomplish that goal. Whether you have 10 units or 200 units, Professional Services knows how to manage your property. It does not matter the age of your complex, professional building, or sub-division, Professional Services gets the job done.

Dedicated property managers provide owners with a single point of contact for all their needs. Whether is be access to your unit, finding the right contractors to perform jobs inside your home, or bringing in your groceries, we are there for the owners. For everyday maintenance and grounds, we employ dedicated and motivated individuals to perform the tasks. For more extensive repairs we contract with the best the Lake Area has to offer to best leverage your Association dues. Professional Services goals are to provide the best value for your dollar. Whether you are a full time resident or the Lake is your second home, Professional Services strives to make your home the best it can be.

Professional Services, Residential & Marine, LLC. began with the idea that property management services should strive to save Associations money in order for the proper funding of long range contingency and capital improvement plans. This concept derived from on of our owners that manages on-site private associations. This method limits the need for special assessments through sound financial management and planning. Professional Services is a company that assists Associations in the management of their daily operations and plays a vital role in the development and funding of contingency plans. Professional Services has a core staff of seasoned Association Managers, Accountants, Pool, Grounds, and Building Maintenance personnel. Our core staff develops a program and plan that fits the needs of the Association, and administers that plan in the most efficient and economical method possible.