Lake of the ozarks

Professional Services, Residential & Marine, LLC. is a complete property management company. We have staff on hand that can complete routine day to day maintenance as well as more difficult constructions projects. What this enables Professional Services to do is save Associations money by not having to pay outside contractors to complete many tasks that other companies cannot do.

Professional Services offers the following services, but are not limited to just those listed: Complete Grounds Maintenance, Pool Opening/Closings, Unit Repair/Remodeling, Road/Parking Lot Clearing, Trash Collection, Clubhouse Cleaning,, Minor Dock Repairs, Lighting Maintenance, and Computer Services.

Professional Services will also negotiate contracts with local companies to get the Association the best price and service for your dollar.

Professional Services, Residential & Marine, LLC. offers our clients numerous accounting services. The only service that we recommend getting performed from an outside company are the Association tax returns. This serves as a simple audit as the Association will have an outside agency looking through the financial, and not just Professional Services.

Other accounting services that Professional Services offers are: Association Billing (monthly/quarterly/yearly), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger Services, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Statements, Budget Preparation and Analysis, and Long Term Financial Planning.